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Chee Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team responded late on Friday evening to a call-out to assist two mature ladies who had become trapped on very steep and slippery ground in Chee Dale.  <a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-9969″ src=”×201.jpg” alt=”Cheedale sign small” width=”300″ height=”201″ /></a>

The ladies’s who were experienced walkers, one from Buxton and the other a friend from Eastbourne, had set off for an afternoon’s ramble from Millers Dale.   The traumatic events started when they took a route which they believed to be a path back towards the Monsal Trail.  Footprints reassured the ladies that they were on a path but …

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Win Hill

A joint call-out for the Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Snatch Squad following the report of a medical collapse on the footpath towards the summit of  Win Hill.

Despite the best efforts of the casualty’s friends, the air-ambulance professionals and rescue team members, resuscitation was sadly ineffective.

Team members offer their sincere condolences to the casualty’s friends and family.38

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Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Scout

<span style=”color: #2b2b2b;”>A joint Edale and Buxton MRT’s Snatch Squad call-out to a male complaining of chest pains whilst walking with friends on Grindslow Knoll, on Kinder Scout. Team members responded quickly and a Helimed 54 was soon on scene.  Aircrew Paramedics suspected the casualty to be suffering from a heart attack and gave immediate treatment assisted by a cardiologist who happened to be running past the scene. The man was rapidly conveyed to the air-ambulance for immediate transfer to a specialist cardiac centre at a Manchester hospital.</span>

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Castleton, near Peak Cavern

Buxton and Edale Teams’ Joint Snatch Squad called to rendezvous in the Devils Arse car park in Castleton when a repo<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-9925″ src=”×201.jpg” alt=”Peak Cavern sign small” width=”300″ height=”201″ /></a>rt of an injured female walker was received. The 54 year old lady, from London, had simply slipped on the public footpath leading from the village up towards Winnats Pass and sustained a suspected fracture of the lower leg.  The lady was treated on site by team members and then carried on a rescue stretcher back to the cavern car-park where an ambulance was waiting to take her …

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Lamaload, Nr Macclesfield, Cheshire

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and North West Ambulance Service dealing with a high speed cycling accident on the narrow Hooleyhey Lane to the east of Lamaload reservoir.  

A 43 year old man from Pentre Broughton, Wrexham, was participating in an organised event when his cycle left the road on a bend at the bottom of a steep hill.  Ambulance service paramedics, assisted by the fire crew, treated the casualty for serious multiple injuries.  Buxton team members then carried the casualty to …

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Cave Dale, Castleton

A full Buxton team call-out was initiated following the report of a female having sustained a lower leg injury in a remote location above Cave Dale near Castleton.

The fifteen year old girl from Stourbridge was part of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award group when the accident occurred.  A simple slip resulted in a suspected fracture of the lower leg.  The group reacted as per the book and did everything right providing an accurate location of their position.

The rescue was complicated by the very slippery conditions in the …

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Kinder Scout, Western Edge

Buxton and Edale rescue teams called following the report of a man having collapsed on Jacobs Ladder. Teams rendezvoused at Tipps Car park and started deploying equipment via Lee House Farm.

When effective phone contact was made with the casualty site it was discovered that they were further on to the moor than initially thought, somewhere in the Red Brook region.   Kinder MRT was alerted and an air-ambulance was requested to search the western edge path.   The casualty party was soon located and the air-ambulance landed nearby. …

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Crowden Brook

Buxton and Kinder Teams alerted to a report of a missing vulnerable person in the Crowden Brook area. However, as the details of this call were being assessed a second, higher priority, call-out was received for Buxton and Edale rescue teams in the Jacobs Ladder region (see incident 33).

This missing person was traced by police and found to be safe and well before any effective search was commenced.

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Chee Dale animal recovery

Eight members of the team attended the crags above the Monsal Trail in Cheedale following  a request from a local farmer to recover a sheep.

A rope rescue system was set up and a team member was lowered to the animal which was unfortunately found to be dead.   The carcass was recovered.

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Chrome Hill, Dowel Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist the Midlands Air-ambulance following the report of a woman having slipped and injured her lower leg on Chrome Hill.

The lady, from Thornton, Cleveleys, was taking part in a training course when she slipped on the wet ground whilst descending the steep south-east side of Chrome Hill.  Treatment on site was by an East Midlands Paramedic assisted by team members who then carried her to the waiting air-craft.  However, the bad weather deteriorated even further during the stretcher evacuation preventing the …

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